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Gauges - All-in-one sensor utility!

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Gauges is an all-in-one utility with GPS, Altimeter, Speedometer, Barometer, Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Sound level and Light meter:

  1. Speed information (kph, mph and knots)
  2. GPS Altitude (meters and feet), and also Pressure Altitude with 1013.25 mbar setting.
  3. Barometric information (hPa, Hg, PSI, kPa, and mmHg)
  4. Accelerometer (G forces)
  5. Location and heading (Latitude, Longitude, Magnetic and True heading)
  6. Magnetic force (in microtesla and Gauss)
  7. Sound level meter (dB)
  8. Luminance
  9. All the previous combined!

A real-time graph shows the updated values for each instrument, and a map is available when location and heading are selected.

Sliding the instrument to the left exposes the option to mark the value - a quick annotation of the current value for future comparison.

Minimum and Maximum values for each instrument are recorded, and can also be reset with a tap.

Unit definitions available through Wiki links.

Share the sensor information, or use it on other apps, such as a note or email.

Things you can do with this app:

Also available:

Disclaimer: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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All the data is locally stored on your device. Every feature that causes data to be sent - such as sharing - is optional, initated, and controlled by the user.

If not removed, ads are shown based on your preferences and consent settings.

Gauges does not sell or share any of the data produced by the App.

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