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Marea helps estimating the area for a region given by a set of coordinates. Useful for plots, farm land, roof measurements and anything you can see with Maps.

The total area is calculated and given in several units, such as square meters, square feet, acres, hectares, square km and square miles.

Also available is the distance between each point.

The main features are free to use, but you can extend the app's usefulness throught the available In-App Purchase. The ability to save all the areas for later use, add notes, attach pictures, calculate a price by multiplying a value with the given area, and share as both an map image or a KML file.

If you decide to unlock all the features, you can also sync your listings between iPhone, iPad, and the Mac, with the same iCloud account.

Also provided as In-App Purchase is the ability to change to Google Maps (on iOS only). This allows for situations where either map is outdated in a particular area, or there's clouds in the imagery that makes it difficult to make out the various points that need to be measured.

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Disclaimer: Measurements do not take elevation and other minute aspects into account. This tool does not replace the need for an accurate professional survey.

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All the data is locally stored on your device. Every feature that causes data to be sent - such as sharing - is optional, initated, and controlled by the user.

Syncing, if enabled, requires data to be transfered to our servers, and to be stored for enough time to allow the Syncing feature to work.

If not removed, ads are shown based on your preferences and consent settings.

Marea does not sell or share any of the data produced by the App.

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